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I was reading one of my favorite blogger, Nicole from Tea for me please,when I came across her ‘’Review Policy’’. The more I write reviews about tea, the more I understand how the importance of being fair and honest in this world. I do not take profit from tea reviews, apart from receiving samples time to time. It’s a thing I do in between job shifts. It’s a way to not only enjoy tea, but to spread around a singular passion I have for the leaves.

In this article, I want to lay out the policies which will guide my tea reviews, regarding honesty, transparency and objectivity.

  1. First of all, I will only be reviewing and focusing my writing on unflavored tea, or as many people call them ‘’traditional teas’’. I also want to point out that it’s important for me to have a minimum of information about the tea I’m reviewing. Bare minimum, I want to know where it comes from, at least.
  2. I will be disclosing, in the opening paragraph of each review, where I got the tea from, including tea which was given to me for a review, or heavily discounted teas provided in exchange for a review..
  3. As you have probably seen, my reviews are written in a pretty set format. It will be the canvas for every tea I review onward. The tea tasting model is inspired from Don Mei, from Mei Leaf. I want to be the most accurate as possible in my tasting, and standardising the text is way to give the same type of information for every kind of tea that’s reviewed.
  4. When a tea is bad, I won’t sugarcoat it. I want to be critical, yet do a constructive review, and elaborate on how and why a certain tea is bad. The score at the end of a review is very subjective, and is a good insight on how I enjoyed the tea.
  5. I won’t accept any kind of payment in exchange for a positive review. As much as I love tea, no amount of money can corrupt my honesty

You can contact me at @teajay9 on instagram, and by email at the following adress :

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